Genetec has extensive experience in a wide range of assembly solutions from
standalone operator-assisted stations to semi-automated lines and
fully-automated assembly lines.

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If your product needs to move between machines, packaged and crated, or if
you need a fully-automated flexible feeding system, we have a variety of
solutions to meet your requirement.

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As the leading global supplier of End of Line testing equipment, we implement
the design, invent, scrutinize test equipment and systems to major OEMs
globally. Our smart machines simulate real-time results that provide explicit,
consistent data in a production environment.

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Genetec has extensive experienced in a large volume built from standalone systems to fully automated assembly lines for Global Clientele.

The allocation of incentives from the local Malaysia Government enables Genetec to provide the most competitive edge to clients.

A large pool of high skill experienced Engineering and Project Management Staff with multilingual communities embarking on Large Volume Built.


Genetec was incorporated in 1997: providing assembly automation and engineering services to various industries and has grown ever since.

Genetec has technical expertise that has evolved into advanced technology. We create Intelligent Automation in assembly solution, industrial robotic integration, material handling, inspection, testing and so on.

Besides that, we can be your best contract manufacturer when you require extended knacks for specific projects.

We address our customers’ greatest challenges, providing solutions that are rapid and accurate, repeatable, and enhanced quality with competitive cost.